Food Photo Love: Hot Coals

by Kitchen Butterflyon July 6, 2015
A lot of the beauty in photography is being able to translate the touch and feel, and sometimes taste from multi-dimensions to 2 or 3-D. This photo is one of my favourites ever. It features coals heating up on a stove-top burner, in preparation for ‘cold-smoking‘, a technique of infusing food with smoky flavours without […]

Stove-top Smoked Fish

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 5, 2015
I love the fact that I can smoke fish anything at home, with tea, or coals or with an incense mix my sister brought back from Dubai for me yonks ago and long before my trip. It’s a fairly simple process with no special equipment required. All you need are: Smoking mix – homemade or store-bought […]

Technique: How to Cold-Coal Smoke Food

by Kitchen Butterflyon June 7, 2012
Moving on……with hope! Great techniques are a gift…that don’t stop giving, whether it is tea-smoking or cold-brewing. Today’s nifty ‘smoking’ tip comes from Indian Chef Reza Muhammad who created a delicious Spiced Smoked Salmon recipe – but not the smoked salmon you are used to! He uses heated coals, ghee and spices to  create intense, […]

Christmas Brunch or Brekkie: Oven-baked Scotch Eggs & Tea-smoked Fish

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 14, 2009
I am a collector of recipes….some of which, I literally wait years to make, and other which become regulars and firm faves. Take this no-fry Scotch eggs, for a start – 5 years since I first saw the recipe and this year,….I finally made it. My tea-smoked fish on the other hand has featured twice […]

Slashed, rice-stuffed peppers & tea-smoked fish

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 26, 2009
The mind is like a traveller…it knows where to go when.