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Food Photography

Food Photo Love: Hot Coals

A lot of the beauty in photography is being able to translate the touch and feel, and sometimes taste from multi-dimensions to 2 or 3-D. This photo is one of my favourites ever. It features coals heating up on a stove-top burner, in preparation for ‘cold-smoking‘, a technique of infusing food with smoky flavours without […]

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Technique: How to Cold-Coal Smoke Food

Moving on……with hope! Great techniques are a gift…that don’t stop giving, whether it is tea-smoking or cold-brewing. Today’s nifty ‘smoking’ tip comes from Indian Chef Reza Muhammad who created a delicious Spiced Smoked Salmon recipe – but not the smoked salmon you are used to! He uses heated coals, ghee and spices to  create intense, […]