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Smoky Prawn Jollof

Because….EVERYDAY is Jollof Rice Day. Super established. This was an attempt – a great one too, I might add – at approximating the beauty of seafood flavours in our beloved J Rice. While I deliberated, lobsters and crabs came up briefly but then, I did not want to make a seafood paella and so I remained […]

Nigerian Cuisine, Recipes

Prawn Head Pepper Soup

There are many lessons a girl learns from her mother – how to use prawn heads is arguably one of the best of them. You might scoff and say ‘really’? And I might smile back gently and say ‘Yes, really’. See flavour is not to be underrated, and if like me, you’d rather derive yours naturally, […]


Fried Prawn Heads

When I watched Justin serve up fried fish bones, in ‘The Next Food Network Star’, I cringed. ‘Another one of  those recipes’. Someone was bound to write an open letter to the world about how fried fish bones make you a star. Or how instagram makes you the photographer of the year.  Warner is referring […]