Sage Salt & Oil for My Nigerian-American Thanksgiving

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 22, 2015
I’m preparing for Thanksgiving. For smoky Jollof rice sweetened with the golden warmth of autumn Thanking God for warm weather and the sun like a flaming ball in the sky Thankful for the russet and red and golden leaves that fall, that die, that birth the cold and clean that must follow. I’m preparing for Thanksgiving. […]

Vietnamese Ga Nuong Lu: Chicken, Dry Steamed in Rock Salt and Fresh Sugar Cane

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 10, 2013
The expedition continues. Sugarcane and spice. I’m determined to cook with all my fruit. Not purely reserve them for out-of-hand eating, so when I had left-over sugarcane from my juice bar, I decided it would be absolute perfection to use up my rock salt- legally obtained from a salt factory in Port Harcourt many moons […]

International Incident Salt Party – How To Make Finishing Salts

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 21, 2010
‘Help waiter, there’s too much salt in my eggs’. I want to send it back to the kitchen. To me. For I’m the cook, serving and waiting upon myself!