Fresh & Vibrant Nigerian Salads

by Kitchen Butterflyon June 14, 2016
Looking for inspiration? Healthy? Clean? Vibrant? With Nigerian ingredients? Here are a few salads to get you on your way. They feature: seasonal produce ‘superfoods- like acha lots of fruits and vegetables Cassava & Coconut Salad Beans & Corn Salad with fresh coconut Warm Acha Salad Suya Sesame Masa Salad Plantain Imoyo Salad Plantain & […]

Six (6) Sides & Salads for your Easter Menu, Nigerian Style

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 31, 2015
A follow-on to Good Friday recipes. First Fish, now sides and salads. To get started, read The Art of The Savoury Salad for ideas and recipes. Here’s the collection: Sauteed Greens Green/ Amaranth leaves are sauteed with smoky fish and vegetables to give a tasty result. Use spinach, kale or other greens for a similar result Recipe […]