Exploring Personal Geographies of Food: Mangoes

by Kitchen Butterflyon August 7, 2017
I’m obsessed with geography – I’ve always been. What if I can’t read maps that well, what if? And no, don’t say ‘You’re a geologist’ because I, more than anyone else should know that. I’ve almost always loved the contours that define spaces, the grids that govern some cities and making, finding my way. I […]

Travel by Plate: Tales of Moroccan Mint Tea

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 29, 2013
Our ‘dining room voyages’ begin with mint tea – thanks to Morocco and its famous tea culture. We drink our Nigerian version, out of a rather English teapot from Turkish tulip glasses – evidence of our global identity.  We love it. Mint is somewhat vital to our family’s happiness. For months, our garden blooms with […]