Best-ever Puff-Puff Party

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 9, 2015
Last weekend, I had a puff-puff party. It was the best puff-puff party I’d ever had. Been to. The only one too :). Anchored by the fact that my puff-puff game had improved considerably in a week of making it three times, and a comment J, my daughter made about said fried dough, I gathered a veritable […]

‘Perfect Hostess’ Tips – Desserts

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 20, 2015
Dubai seems like an age and a half. Memories of pita bread and fresh juices linger on. My cupboards are full, full of treasures brought back. And this here? This is one of them. Sigh, the best of lime in a jar. Once I attempted to make something similar for bread pudding but it was […]

‘Perfect Hostess’ Tips – Appetisers

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 15, 2015
The trick to being a good hostess is knowing when to buy and when to make, or bake. I love hosting parties…a great excuse to feast and try out newish recipes. I must admit though that good a hostess as I am, I’m far from glam. Sigh. I’m not likely to walk down any stairs looking […]