In Season/ Pepperfruit: Unripe & Ripe

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 1, 2017
It is the season of pepperfruit. It is. I find them on trays all around Warri – my  birth city, where I spend Easter.  I’m a fan only of the red ones – sweet tooth and all. But back in Lagos, I spot the green ones and buy some to compare. What I find is […]

In Season: Pepperfruit

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 7, 2015
Its been two weeks or three even since I spotted pepperfruit, ‘shaded’ in small piles of green and red, set on the corner of a busy street on the Marina. The Lagos Marina. I’m heading to a buka lunch with my besto, D who is visiting from Port Harcourt. I spot this ‘mama’, seated on […]

Nigeria’s Dry-Wet Season’s Produce: February/March

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 13, 2013
The first rains have begun, jerking me out of my bed in the wee hours of a Saturday morning. Windows are hurriedly shut while thunder pounds the skies with no desire to let up. This is Nigeria. And the rains are almost always knocking at the door. I’m not opposed for the rains bring goodness, by the […]