Fruit & Tea: Green Tea with Sugarcane Juice, Watermelon & Mint

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 23, 2014
Embrace the ittars, the exotic scents of the Levant In tendrils of steam from the hammams of Turkey Rosewater. Orange Blossom. Jasmine Fragrances captured and essences preserved by ancient methods that go back to the Renaissance Experience the abundance of fragrances Get carried away with the heady notes and exotic dances of the Levant Captured […]

Yogurt in Paris, Damsons in Autumn

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 6, 2010
It’s a strange and wonderful life when all a girl thinks of in Paris is yogurt. Pots. Because the French are up there with the Greeks and Turks in making super delicious, thick-set yogurt as this young lady (me) found out recently. In my fine opinion, they beat all the competition primarily because of the […]

Out of Nicaragua: Arroz con…many things!

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 24, 2010
As soon as she opened the jar to show me what they looked like, I found myself breathing in the fragrance of my Nigerian childhood (while standing in a Parisian shop on a cold February day): hot, sweaty, scented days; all the intensity of my youth, captured in a few black Tonka beans.