On Philly Cheese Steaks

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 4, 2015
Philadelphia is all about the cheese steak people. All about the cheese steak. I vaguely remember Philly and its signature sandwich though but I’m reminded by everyone who knows I am headed to Philly to ‘Make sure you try Philly Cheese steak’. I suspect it has cheese and steak in it but I cant muster much more by way of […]

Steak 101 – 5 steps to the beginner’s success

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 25, 2009
If at first you don’t suceed, try again. I did! If you follow a winning recipe, try to make sure you leave experimenting for another day. I didn’t. You will need to let your pan heat up well before you grease it Whatever you do, make sure you ‘rest’ your steak If you fail the […]

Steak Bling, Bling

by Kitchen Butterflyon August 19, 2009
Show me a man who doesn’t like sizzling steak, and I’ll tell him who he is….he may be vegetarian and not know it. No offense. I like the idea of steak – a smoking hunk of beef on a warm plate – tasty, rested – heaven! I wasn’t raised on steak, a natural born steak […]