Guest Post: My First Biz Memories

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 10, 2015
Here’s Part 2 of Tipu’s nostalgic journey back to the days of Ebelebo. —–00000—– I come from a very sheltered home. My parents never let me take lunch money to school. Instead they gave me lovingly packed snacks of meat pies, cakes and my favorite mango juice for school. Somehow I got wind of this “TEMITOPE […]

Guest Post: Ebelebo Memories

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 10, 2015
This post is written by Tipu, my childhood friend. We’re still good friends, from when we were both ‘this high’ and mischievous to boot. She’s the friend who taught me to make fondant. And with whom I foraged fruit. Ebelebo. Here’s Part 1 of 2 posts from her. Thank you dear. —–00000—– Huge trees to my […]

My Childhood Favourites

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 21, 2011
This thing called ‘nostalgia’. Who are you? You blow hot and cold at the same time – one child, different mothers, loved and hated the same. In one hand you hold the Polaroids of old, yellowed and dog-eared with age…full of smiles, carefree youthfulness and abandon; yet in the other sits the present and the […]

Matcharons and Midnight feasts

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 10, 2010
My most loved stories and books as a child were all written by Enid Blyton. My sisters could well say the same. We sought book after book after book from Famous Five to Secret Seven, culminating in the adventures at St Clare’s and Malory Towers. The one thing I loved the most and still remember […]