Version 1.2: Nigerian Seasonal Produce Calendar

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 20, 2017
Becoming comfortable with progression is one of the best things to happen to me as an adult. Starting a thing and then making periodic changes to improve it.  Often, we are loathe to begin because we don’t have it fully fleshed out and we believe the world might not be as accommodating of our step-wise […]

The First Mangoes & Nigeria’s 1st Seasonal Produce Calendar, V1.1

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 25, 2017
Mangoes. My favourites and this variety from Ogbomosho has me so stoked. It is pretty early though for these mangoes to be out. I mean, agbalumo is barely here and Nigerian mangoes, especially this variety normally show up in the first few weeks of February. Global warming? Climate change? For a fact, this harmattan season was the warmest […]

In Season: Nigeria’s 1st Seasonal Produce Calendar

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 6, 2016
Yayyy to progress…. Oh my word, the journey, to catalogue, standardise, document Nigerian cuisine never stops! After four years of cataloguing what’s in season and when across Nigeria, I’ve finally put together the first version of the first ever seasonal produce calendar for Nigerian fruits and vegetables. This is one of the tenets of the […]