Nigerian ‘Concept’ Dish: Plantain ‘Fondants’ Moqueca (Palm oil & Coconut Seafood Broth)

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 31, 2018
The Concept This concept is about my love for Brazil and the beautiful combination of palm oil and coconut milk which at first glance sounds weird but then, when cooked is so delightful in a moqueca. Moqueca (IPA: [moˈkɛkɐ] or IPA: [muˈkɛkɐ] depending on the dialect, also spelled muqueca) is a Brazilian recipe based on salt water fish stew, tomatoes, onions, garlic and coriander. It is slowly cooked in a terra […]

Infographic: An Introduction to Nigerian Soups

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 4, 2017
…because it’s worth it :). And there’s a free infographic to show. It’s important, because we’re building our vocab, understanding the lexicon and language of our food that we might show forth its glory…as in The New Nigerian Kitchen and beyond. I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to download and share – An Introduction […]

The Soup(s) Called Federal Character

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 30, 2016
Four soups, One bowl, Supreme mash up = Federal Character. The first time M said ‘Federal Character’ I was behind my desk at work and I went ‘What? Why? How?’ He proceeded to talk about how the major tribes were represented, in the bowl – a new dimension to Geneen Roth and her belief – mine too, […]

Sunday Lunch: Okwuru Ugba (Ugba-Okro Soup)

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 4, 2015
I first read about Okwuru Ugba – a soup of okro and ugba in a newspaper – The Sun, to be specific. The story went off on so many tangents, I quietly noted the name of the soup (which wasn’t consistent – sometimes Okwuru Ugba, other times Ukwuru Ugba), gently folded it and left. So rather than […]

Èfó Wòròwó ati Asala

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 15, 2015
Because I can, could, did. This soup combines the nuttiness of Asala with the silken, softness of Wòròwó. The first question people ask is, isn’t it bitter? Isn’t the Asala bitter? I assure them that it is nothing but crunch and cream, Egusiesque in most of its ways. Nothing astringent, nothing offputting about using it to […]

Sunday Lunch – Starch & Banga

by Kitchen Butterflyon August 2, 2015
This is how you first eat starch, with your grandmother’s fresh fish pepper soup, thick with Tilapia and the noon day Isoko sun. Usi, she calls it – softly, slightly hissing the s . You are in your Sunday best – every mothers dream of a princess child – frilled hems and checked belts tied […]

Sunday Lunch: Asala-Scent Leaf Soup

by Kitchen Butterflyon July 5, 2015
Yes, a soup made from the African walnut, known as Asala in Yoruba. Because the beautiful crunch and divine nuttiness must be experienced in one lifetime. The first time I used Asala in a recipe, it was a dip I made – a variation of my scent leaf one. It was beautiful. The characteristic bitterness […]

To Father With Love: Pounded Yam, Okro & Stew

by Kitchen Butterflyon June 21, 2015
Happy Father’s Day, Daddy. To the one who taught be about life, and death. Who always ate Pounded Yam on Sundays. Freshly pounded to the rhythm of Sunday afternoons and pestles. To the one whose love for me was second to none. If you were here, I would have cooked you a feast, set a glorious […]

Gbena yei – Kpokpogari with Fresh Fish Pepper Soup

by Kitchen Butterflyon June 9, 2015
All I can think of in this weather is my bed. Sleeping in it. Morning, noon and night. Waking up to cuddles and soup. Forget pots of tea and freshly-baked cookies. Love and soup are errthang. Err single thang. Sigh. There’s something about rainy season that brings out the romantic in me. But I’m going […]