Scent leaf Pesto with Egusi seeds

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 30, 2015
This would be Nigerian pesto if there ever was such a thing. Take scent leaves and coconut and aromatics, season and combine with crushed, toasted egusi seeds. Have it with abacha. Think of that as the pasta of our nation :). Add some fish. And you’re good to go. I’ve been thinking of ingredients which could […]

Ideas & Adventures with Scent Leaf

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 5, 2015
My beloved scent leaves. My children give me the evil eye, ‘the 360 degree’ eye turn, the exasperated sighs, the ‘Oh Mama, everything is scent leaf‘. Well, so it is. This isn’t to say, its been all rosy. I remember making some Okro soup a year or two ago. I put more than a fair […]

The Anatomy of Scent Leaf

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 27, 2015
It never ceases to amaze me just how connected we are, from Lagos to Laos. Scent leaves, Perilla, Shiso, of the family Lamiaceae. These herbaceous, perennial shrubs are cousins in the mint family I thought I knew everything about this plant. Growing up, it featured prominently in pepper soup, added at the last minute to bring […]