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Drinks, Homebrewing

‘Local Strawberry’ Liqueur

Because once you’ve slain vanilla extract, the world is your essence. Or extract. Because you can pop any old thing in vodka and in its colourless, tasteless way, it’ll absorb colours and flavours and scents. Because, when in doubt, pickle it. Or liqueur it. And because it’s worked so well with coconut, mango and dare […]

Nigerian Cuisine

The Anatomy of Agbalumo

This study was taken on, to find out the best way to remove the flesh of the agbalumo for preservation and processing. Typically, after a thorough washing, I press the top sides of my agbalumo around the stalk in to ‘break the fruit’. Out seeps a creamy sweet and tart juice that is rapidly licked. […]

Nigerian Cuisine

Agbalumo, The New ‘Orange’

Down with a cold? The sort that most people get on the cusp of changing seasons, from harmattan to rainy? Don’t just reach for oranges, grab some agbalumo.  Agbalumo? Yes, agbalumo. Rich in ascorbic acid – hence the tartness (thanks Tipu), more so than oranges – this is your rainy season fruit. The value of ascorbic […]