New Nigerian Kitchen: Reimagining Small Chops

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 8, 2017
Reimagining Nigerian Small Chops. And we can. Here’s why we should: We have the capacity and the breadth to There are so many interesting combinations which ‘hero’ the main, kind of celebrating the old with new twists Need more reasons to? Travel has a way of expanding one’s mind – stretching it beyond the familiar. […]

A Possible History of Nigerian Small Chops [In Their Present Form]

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 27, 2017
Or The Evolution of Nigerian Small Chops. And how Indian Samosas and Chinese Spring Rolls became Nigerian Small Chops Essentials. Foodways and food mapping are amongst the things I love about food – all the things that lie on and beyond the plate, somewhat unseen but present, shaping, defining the plate. These fascinate me. Like small […]

An Infographic: A Brief History of Jollof Rice

by Kitchen Butterflyon August 17, 2017
Because why not? Thanks to Simi of Eat.Tech.Travel who worked on the design.    

The Sacred (Food) Hollows of Olumo Rock

by Kitchen Butterflyon August 24, 2015
I have a friend who is obsessed with pounded yam. A few days ago, we were talking about plans and dreams and hopes, about the evolution of kitchen utensils as we know it, the hows and whys. He wanted to know how pounded yam became a thing, and then we moved on to mortars and […]