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Six Perfect Drinks for Jollof

I’d never really given much thought to the perfect drinks for Jollof till #Jollofgate, when I spied a bottle of ale next to Jamie’s offering. Now, I know Jonny Garrett,  the deputy editor of Jamieoliver.com who worked with him on thefeature is a beer aficionado who loves pairings… (he’s @beerchannel on Twitter) To be honest, food and drink pairings […]


Eight (8) Non-Alcoholic Nigerian Drinks

…because we have more than Chapman, awesome as it is. We have Zobo, and Tsamiya, Kunnu and more. Isn’t it interesting that most of the drinks I’ve discovered are from the north of Nigeria. That kind of thrills me – most of them are recent discoveries and I’m now thinking of all sorts of combinations. Anyhoo, […]