In Season: Ube’camole

by Kitchen Butterflyon July 16, 2015
A version of the creamy avocado dip, but with Ube, African Butter pear. Because they’re similar and can pass one for the other. Except avocados are eaten raw and these cooked, and that the skin of avocados aren’t feasted on, unlike Ube skin. The colours too are different. While most avocados sport brght green – […]

Scent leaf Pesto with Egusi seeds

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 30, 2015
This would be Nigerian pesto if there ever was such a thing. Take scent leaves and coconut and aromatics, season and combine with crushed, toasted egusi seeds. Have it with abacha. Think of that as the pasta of our nation :). Add some fish. And you’re good to go. I’ve been thinking of ingredients which could […]