Ideas in Mingau

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 12, 2017
Because the classic version is a template begging for colour and texture and more. #1, Crunchy Toasted Coconut My favourite by a notch. I love the way the coconut flavour is reinforced in a toasted, nutty way. It is the perfect counterpoint to the soft and creamy Mingau base. Hack: Use store bought toasted coconut, […]

Classic Mingau: Of Tapioca & Coconut Milk

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 12, 2017
Mingau, a place on the north eastern coast of Brazil, in Bahia Mingua, a porridge of tapioca popularly eaten over Easter on Lagos island, Nigeria Mingau, in literature, of Brazil mentions repeatedly, ‘a sweetened hot drink of tapioca, water, and milk.‘ Mingau is a porridge made from milled cassava, cooked in coconut milk and finished with […]

On Independence: Freedom & Cultural Exchange

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 26, 2016
October 1st is in a few days – I have a plan ūüôā – to share musings and recipes and what Freedom means to me. Independence makes me think of Freedom..and food and Acaraje – the Nigerian export to Brazil via slave trade. Freedom is Cultural Exchange…in which some changes become celebrations of shared history. Cultures […]

Farofa (Toasted Garri) with Dambun Nama

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 14, 2015
Garri, good for more than drinking and making into ‘Eba’. Garri, excellent for crusting and crumbing. And for toasting too. If you go to any self-respecting churrasco house with the stars and stripes of Brasilia, expect to be served farofa. Churrasco (Portuguese: [ Éuňą Āasku], Spanish: [t Éuňąrasko]) is a Portuguese and Spanish term referring to beef or grilled meat more […]

Frejon: Of Nigerian And Brazilian History

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 27, 2014
Connectedness. The thing that fascinates me the most in life. If I had to narrow down the things I find fascinating. This would be one of them. Connectedness¬†–¬†of people, places and things. Brazil. Nigeria. Connected. By¬†slavery and freedom. In culture and cuisine. Like Carnivals. Connected, with thick tropical rainforests and love for football. Connected in […]

Cook Naija: Plantain Salad Imoyo

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 8, 2012
National¬† pride. Patriotism. What you might call it. There was a certain feeling of absolute ownership and total knowledge I had about my country, Nigeria – its people, its culture, its habitat‚Ķand especially its food. Surprise, surprise..for it turns out ladies and gentlemen, that my knowledge of Naija, while authentic is not as all-encompassing as […]

Akara-Acaraje: The Brazilian-Nigerian connection

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 9, 2010
(Updated 10th September 2011)   You go as a prisoners Enslaved by bonds of chain But still‚Ķ.in your thoughts You’re free