Mango, Tamarind & Mazarkwaila Sauce

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 10, 2017
Now that mangoes are in season properly, we’re enjoying them in all sorts of ways, one of which is in sauces. This version features fresh mango flesh, tamarind ‘water’, cilantro – my favourite ever herb and mazarkwaila, sugar cane sugar! Now sugar cane is one of my favourite things ever and I’d never come across it […]

Nigerian Seasonal Produce: Mangoes, #3

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 25, 2017
‘Nigerian Seasonal Produce’ is a monthly column which will be published on the last Saturday of every month. In this column, a writer explores a specific seasonal fruit, vegetable or leafy green assigned by the editors of Kitchen Butterfly and based on the Nigerian Seasonal Produce Calendar. Our author this month is Eromo whose writing I love, […]

Grilled Mangoes

by Kitchen Butterflyon June 6, 2015
Because I had one ‘apple’ mango left. Not my favourite but nice to try. These mangoes remind me of the light apple flavour with a hint of pineapple. It was still firm – a requirement I think for mmaintaining integrity and not turning to mush during cooking. It starts off simply – salt and pepper […]

Mango & Passion Fruit Eton Mess

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 27, 2015
Layers. Last of the season’s mangoes. Fruit. Cream. Whipped gently with sugar. Meringues. Fruit puree. Lime. Done. Got that?[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Mango & Passion Fruit Eton Mess – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]

Mango & Passion Fruit Swirls in Vanilla Ice Cream

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 21, 2015
Flavour prints and profiles and stamps. Ice Cream for breakfast. Anyone? I have no issues exploring them over and over and over again. Each new canvas throws up nuances, subtle differences till we ‘appropriate’ all the deliciousness. This is the case with myself, mangoes and passion fruit. My daughter had been bugging me to make […]

Mango Puff-Puff

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 18, 2015
There are ten thousand ways to eat mangoes and this is just one of them. Add chunks of mango, tossed in sugar to puff-puff batter just before you fry. How to cut mangoes into chunks Puff-puff recipe My go to would have been lime but I only had oranges, so I put some zest in […]

Mangoes with Chili Salt

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 7, 2015
I love mangoes and their varied character. To me, the mango is itself in so many ways – sweet and sour and tart. Just like it’s seed. Gnawing on one, I often find myself licking the core of a mango with a puzzled look as I navigate the compass of flavours, flossing my teeth on […]

Eight (8) Varieties of Nigerian Mangoes

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 28, 2015
Yes, mango fever is here, stalls decorated with baskets of green and orange, red-blushed, and almost tan fruit in varieties from Cotonou to Ogbomosho. For a long time, I paid no heed to the varieties of mangoes in fruit stalls and on the streets for I’ve only ever liked one variety of mangoes – ‘Normal […]

How to Process Mangoes

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 21, 2015
You learn everyday. This technique uses a cup/ glass to separate mango cheek from flesh. You begin by slicing off the mango cheeks. I aim for as close to the stone/seed as possible so I leave very little behind. Once you’ve sliced off as many mango cheeks as you want, get a cup or glass […]