Nikuman: Japanese Pork Buns

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 26, 2011
Nikuman. Perfect food for cold wintry days and chilly memories of charming Prague where sub-zero temperatures resulted in lots of  coffee and hot chocolate. I am glad to be home.

A Week In The Life of (Momofuku’s) Ramen

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 1, 2011
aka The Noodle Diaries When my phone rang, I jumped out of bed. It was 4am and my colleague P was on the phone. ‘We’re downstairs’. ‘OK, I’ll be down soon’. I didn’t hear my alarm clock go of. Did it? Anyway, it was too late to process all that right now. I dived under […]

Cooking with Fruit: Loquats

by Kitchen Butterflyon June 19, 2010
Or Mispels according to the Dutch. Also known as Japanese medlar, not to be confused with that other sort of fruit, also called medlar, requiring rotting and bletting to reach edible status. It took me a year to find out what the English name for Mispels was. I first came across them in a market […]

The Fine Art of making Sushi

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 11, 2009
Oh my word. I made this! And sorry its taken a week to tell you all about it. Hopefully, the stopgap offering made up for it! Last minute offer. First minute response.

Warm salad of Soba noodles & Yakitori chicken

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 14, 2009
Multiple influences with one confluence: a warm salad of soba noodles with yakitori chicken!