Disaster + Desire = Caramel Curd

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 9, 2009
Disaster + Uncaramelised milk = Desire Uncaramelised milk  + Desire = Caramel Curd Therefore, Disaster + Desire = Caramel Curd That’s Saturday morning arithmetic for you…aka syllogism or something like that.

Scottish High Tea – fact or fable?

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 14, 2009
Does this really exist? As in Scottish High tea? Or is this another adorable Scottish  fable….like the Haggis sheep?  Personally, I don’t know what to make of it…considering that when I did a Google search, I got a mix of responses.  One, which had me reeling with laughter. Perhaps it does exist…after all…and is not a mere figment […]