Lunch on Homegrown Nigerian Quails

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 18, 2012
‘Af’ago k’eyin aparo, ohun oju wa l’oju ri (Yoruba language)’ ‘He who packs pheasants egg with the local bird cage (made with a mesh of raffia palms, and having large holes), will find what he has been searching for. Translation: The man who doesn’t listen to advice will lose out for the bird cage referred to in […]

Daring Cooks Go South Indian With A Feast

by Kitchen Butterflyon August 14, 2011
If you are acquainted with Indian food, like I thought I was then consider this question I pose to you today: Is Indian food countriversal (like universal but for countries)? Is it? Well I certainly thought it was. Sipping on a mug of steaming ginger tea and chatting with friend and neighbor I reeled off […]

Indian-spiced Potato Salad with the Daring Cooks

by Kitchen Butterflyon June 15, 2011
This post is dedicated to my friend Renu, who passed away in February 2011. She taught me how to make the most delicious coriander chutney two years ago and my life has never been the same.

It could happen to you…too

by Kitchen Butterflyon June 21, 2010
Light She held her red scarf, and lovingly wrapped it around her waist for the rest of the day, shielding her fat, naked thigh from the piercing eyes of the world. It was a tragedy, pure and simple that this could ever have happened to her. In the same moment though, she was thankful that […]

Roasted Patiala Chicken Pizza

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 20, 2010
This International Pizza Pie party could have gone either way for me. I guess I have Eyjafjallajökull aka the Icelandic volcano to thank for completing it.

Saag chicken stew

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 18, 2009
Dinner in a hurry. No time to stop and think. All that sat in my head was coconut rice with something hot, something with chilies.