How to Poach Chicken Breasts

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 14, 2015
Or how to make the juiciest chicken breasts ever, all thanks to osmosis and gentle temperatures. Poaching is the art and science of cooking foods in a light liquid on low heat.Poached chicken breasts, often considered diet food takes on moistness and niceness untold from gentle cooking in a light broth, which itself becomes great […]

Daring Cooks go nuts in July: Nigerian Suya & nut butters

by Kitchen Butterflyon July 15, 2010
When my 7 year old daughter talks about Nigeria and going back, one of the things on the top of her list is Suya. My 4 year old doesn’t remember the absolutely delicious bits of spiced beef on sticks, cooked over hot coals by specialists – men from the northern part of Nigeria, where this […]

Steak 101 – 5 steps to the beginner’s success

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 25, 2009
If at first you don’t suceed, try again. I did! If you follow a winning recipe, try to make sure you leave experimenting for another day. I didn’t. You will need to let your pan heat up well before you grease it Whatever you do, make sure you ‘rest’ your steak If you fail the […]

Steak Bling, Bling

by Kitchen Butterflyon August 19, 2009
Show me a man who doesn’t like sizzling steak, and I’ll tell him who he is….he may be vegetarian and not know it. No offense. I like the idea of steak – a smoking hunk of beef on a warm plate – tasty, rested – heaven! I wasn’t raised on steak, a natural born steak […]