Herb Poached Nectarines

by Kitchen Butterflyon August 28, 2010
It’s all about timing, life is. I am often shocked at the ‘coincidences’ that take place. Mind you, I don’t believe at all in coincidence, I am more a fan of the law of attraction. Me, food, you, we happy.

Fish balls in Thai Green Curry….before sushi

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 3, 2009
I’m over the moon. Truly over the moon. At lunchtime today, I’ll be on a sushi-making course !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cooking with herbs: Basil

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 30, 2009
If I have to think of popular recipes that use Basil, the first two that spring to mind are Pesto (Italy) and Green curry paste (Thailand) from two of my absolute favourite cuisines. Now in the days when I knew very little about Basil and my love for all things Thai began, I used ‘Italian’ Basil to […]