Fourteen (14) ‘Other’ Great Ideas To Use Up Brandied Fruit Mix

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 26, 2016
It’s that time of year – we’re prepping for Christmas. Well, some started earlier – whatever *rolls eyes*. I finally got round to soaking my fruit in brandy and orange liqueur for the fruitcakes that must be. This is a world record for me. I’ve soaked fruit days before, some weeks before – truth be […]

Make Any Fruitcake You Like – No Alcohol, No Eggs, Whatever

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 29, 2016
It’s the dawn of Christmas. Forget presents and the tree – if you don’t have fruitcake, you’re dulling. Consider this your essential fruit cake kit, even if you soak the dried fruit the day before. Recipe The Best Fruit Cake Recipe in the whole entire world, inspired by the BBC Good Food’s Simmer & Stir […]

Zobo & Gingerbeer Fruit Cake (Alcohol-Free)

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 16, 2014
I have my ‘voice of reason’, Maryam to thank for being the inspiration behind this fruit cake recipe, two ways – the first without alcohol and then, without alcohol and eggs. For a while, I’d been thinking about doing more with Zobo (Hibiscus drink), malt drinks and ginger beer so when I decided to make […]

Christmas Cakes, Bakes & Things

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 19, 2013
Anticlimax. Antithesis. Polar opposites. Diametrically opposed. This was my very weekend. One moment I’m complaining about ‘no harmattan’, and the next morning I’m the glorious recipient of a cold wave when I open my front door – ‘Harmattan’ has officially arrived. So now I can make my declaration ‘Its time to get ready for Christmas’. […]

The Best Fruitcake in New York, Obviously

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 11, 2012
New York. Fruitcake. Me. I’m in New York. Again. I arrived via Paris a few days ago. Via Paris because if you had a choice to transit through a European city, you too would choose Paris over Frankfurt. Even over Amsterdam. Just for some great, if rubbery airplane bread. And wonderful cheeses. And Fromage Frais. […]

‘Simmer & Stir’ Christmas Cake

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 20, 2011
No corny statements about how quickly Christmas has come this year.No, none. Only cake. A fruit cake. The likes of which I’ve never made before. Dreamt of making….yes but one of those dreams which die hard and early. I grew up with Fruitcakes every Christmas, lovingly made by Mrs O, a friend of my mum’s. […]