Pumpkin bread and other pumpkin tales….because Fall 2010 would be too late!

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 9, 2009
It was summer in my homeland, When I drifted upon an open sea, Cursing the oppressive heat of my beloved motherland Was it not a rousing welcome that awaited me in the golden arms of autumn? Oh, how she made me feel so new How she made me feel so good Oh how she thrust […]

Monkey bread, Banana bread

by Kitchen Butterflyon July 16, 2009
I’ve never fancied Banana breads or muffins.  Never courted them, craved them or sought them out in a crowd. Not when I was young and my Liberian-American aunt made it with Rice Flour. I just couldn’t imagine how over-ripe bananas could morph into something glowing…. till I met my friend, S. Kids obey you parents and […]