Homemade Lemongrass Extract

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 18, 2015
I had a lemongrass creme brûlée at my sister’s wedding a few years ago –  it rocked my world. The first thing I did once I got back home was to try it out. My first attempt has okay – I’d steeped the lemongrass stalks in the milk/cream mix for too long, and so I decided […]

Le Beurre Fait Maison, Homemade Butter

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 15, 2012
I’ve got my arms around something. Its butter! But not just any kind of butter. And no, not sticks. Its real butter. Homemade butter. Le beurre fait maison.

Reasons to Believe: All things Creme Fraiche, Mascarpone and Ricotta

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 21, 2012
Domestic goddess that I am. I’m in red raffia heels. OK….wedges. I feel like Nigella. Creme Fraiche on the go, 2 fruit cakes in the making (last Christmas’s success), this time the recipe is adjusted to include some Maltina and pureed lemon sugar. Its the creme fraiche that I’d like to start off with. Thankfully, […]

Daring Cooks Fresh Pasta Challenge

by Kitchen Butterflyon July 15, 2011
I couldn’t believe when he gave me the machine…..8 years ago. I had wanted to make my own pasta forever and getting one of the silver, rolling thingies was top of my list in Nigeria, in 2003. So when a friend moving abroad offered me his brand new, unused machine, I snapped it up!

Sarde Con Olie – Homemade ‘Tinned’ Sardines in Oil

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 21, 2011
Necessity is the mother of invention. Except you’re a foodie. Then invention becomes necessary.