Banana ‘Bread’ French Toast

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 7, 2016
Not made with banana bread, made with a puree of ripe bananas!. I already have take 2 planned… Read all about how to make the best ever banana bread So one day, I had leftover bananas, a slight craving for banana bread but not the energy to go the whole baking hog so I pureed the bananas, […]

Yaji-Orange-Almond French Toast

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 19, 2016
One of the best French Toasts I ever had was made by Joel – Food lover, Photographer. He whipped up a delicious version with yaji and oranges that totally blew me away. Arguably, the best French Toast I’ve ever had! Thank you, Joel. He writes: My journey to the New Nigerian Kitchen began after Kitchen Butterfly, […]

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner or Dessert: Grilled French Toast with Fruit & Cream

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 26, 2016
I have a love hate relationship with French Toast – it allows itself get so easily sidetracked, so ‘meh’ and so often that it takes a twist to get me hankering after it. And I’m not the only one. In Epicurious’s ‘Cook Like a Diner‘ series, David Tamarkin writes ‘The French Toast Notebooks’ and his  […]

Akara ‘Nigerian Toast’

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 29, 2016
Which originally began life as Akara French Toast. However, in view of where we are, and the nudging of @berri_licious, I rechristened it thus Akara Nigerian Toast or just simply ‘Nigerian Toast’.  I like the idea of savoury French Toast and have had versions with cilantro and spring onions, inspired by an Indian recipe and […]

Bruléed French Toast, with ancho strawberry preserve

by Kitchen Butterflyon July 22, 2010
I wasn’t sitting under a tree when this idea came to me No apple dropped on my head Stunning me to discovery But then I’m no Newton It is my good friend, L I have to thank for this Albeit it in a roundabout way See, once upon a time three years ago I needed […]

French Toast, all jazzed up

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 1, 2009
Do you ever make a particular recipe till everyone is fed up? As in completely, totally fed up. For instance my husband doesn’t want to see Salmon with his two eyes. I’ve over-cooked it (not texture wise) – but cooked it too many times, different ways but still enough for him to be totally bored with […]