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Technique: How to Bake Authentic French Bread, Pain a l’ Ancienne

I’ve been searching for the easiest way to turn out sticks of beautiful bread in the manner of le Francais. For I equate French breads with a gorgeous tan, exterior;  a soft, chewy interior and well developed flavour. Pain a l’ Ancienne. Bread made in the ‘old-fashioned way’. t6p says: They might look like a true baguette […]

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Galette de Pérouges

Some call in armchair travel. I, on the other hand, think ‘belly travel’ is far more endearing, more involved, more inclusive, more embracing…of history, culture, cuisine, people.  Through cookbooks, the Food network TV channel and street conversations. This time my stomach’s compass points to France, the dial swinging around to the quaint, hilltop, cobble-stoned village […]

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Reasons to Believe: All things Creme Fraiche, Mascarpone and Ricotta

Domestic goddess that I am. I’m in red raffia heels. OK….wedges. I feel like Nigella. Creme Fraiche on the go, 2 fruit cakes in the making (last Christmas’s success), this time the recipe is adjusted to include some Maltina and pureed lemon sugar. Its the creme fraiche that I’d like to start off with. Thankfully, […]

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Pan Micha from Panama, Une Miche from France

A bridge A connection Worlds. Hopes. Dreams, woven Destinies united Over water Across land Cultures, cuisines, language & skin United in humanity Separated by oceans and seas Mountains and valleys The Brief Welcome to the 2011 Culinary Tour, organised by Joan of Foodalogue. Traditional: make one of the country’s national or traditional dishes. Contemporary: take […]


A tale of lemons and peaches

I actually started writing this post a few days ago and am only just finishing it off! Saturday night’s dinner…and sunday morning’s brekkie. You must think I’m obsessed with all things French. And maybe Italian. First it was the Tarte Tatin and then the Caprese millefeuille and now it’s the Clafoutis. Anyway, I’m in London this week, as […]


Chicken caprese millefeuille

For a while now, I’ve been considering making a millefeuille – a kind of stacked tower of ingredients. I guess I’d put it off  because of my fear of all things complicated with french names – bain marie, tarte tatin….and all the rest. However, I was feeling very confident that success was close by and feeling the need […]