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More on Propak & Packaging

Last Two weeks ago already, I visited the ProPak conference. I hoped to find food packaging – bottles, glass jars, etc and get contacts for other things. We – my friend and I, arrived at the venue and registered – in quite an orderly fashion. And then the walk began. Contrary to what I thought, which was […]


Event: Propak West Africa 2015

Over the weekend, I decided to investigate food packaging.  I did a few things – email a friend who I thought would have leads and asked on Twitter. Both sources of enquiry led me to Propak. @Kitchnbutterfly There is an event called propak going on at Landmark event centre from 1st to 3rd of Sept […]


How to Make Drying Racks

Ages ago, I used to make handmade paper. In my mum’s blender in our backyard in Warri. The same blender that pureed our tomatoes and onions for stew. The very same one. When my children were old enough to learn about recycling, we made screens for scooping and drying our sheets of pink and lilac […]

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How To Process Agbalumo

Another look. Consider this the follow-up to The Anatomy of Agbalumo post. In the last few months, I’ve learnt more about agbalumo than I ever though, from its versatility as an ingredient to its nutritional qualities, its provenance  across West Africa from Nigeria to Ghana, where it is known as Alasa, Alansa, Adisaa in Twi. The […]

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How to Make Soursop Cream

Once you have your peeled & prepped soursop, you can make a quick ‘cream’. All that’s required? Blitzing in the blender or food processor to ‘unify’ the texture. I tend to blend with a bit of water but any liquid would do. I store the blended mixture and use it in a wealth of ways […]