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Food Photo Love: Carob Pods

Carob – Locust beans, Ceratonia siliqua, used in many forms, as replacement for cocoa powder and as a gelling agent. Not to be confused with the African locust bean, Parkia biglobosa (Iru, Une, Dawadawa) – different plants altogether. I spotted the thick pods in the spice souk in Dubai…in December and marvelled at the almost crystalline core. I […]

Food Photography

Food Photo Love: Hot Coals

A lot of the beauty in photography is being able to translate the touch and feel, and sometimes taste from multi-dimensions to 2 or 3-D. This photo is one of my favourites ever. It features coals heating up on a stove-top burner, in preparation for ‘cold-smoking‘, a technique of infusing food with smoky flavours without […]

Food Photography

Food Photo Love: Chocolate Fondant

A photo I love with a short story and a recipe. There’s something about photographing food that melts my heart. Invisible things become seen. How tightly we hold on to some things – slippery by nature. How delicately we hold on to others, careful not to break the golden egg and have its contents spewed over […]