My Favourite Things: Travel Treasures

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 19, 2013
Its past noon and the skies are pounding Pounding hard with rain Yet it was just this morning that I Welcomed the Harmattan Crisp, dry, foggy too The promise of warmth…. …..only underneath thick blankets and cardigans Best had with books and tea Our Nigerian winter But it never rains Never rains in Harmattan season […]

My Favourite Pies, Potholders and More

by Kitchen Butterflyon August 15, 2013
Pandowdy See this pie – its a gorgeous skillet bake with a nicely ‘gridded’ top crust. Meet my version of the pandowdy. An Apple & Rhubarb pandowdy. – thick with flavour and scented with citrus. Sweet, with hints of tart, nicely wrapped in a flaky crust. I met this pandowdy fellow a mere week ago […]

My Favourite Things – Nigeria and Beyond

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 11, 2011
One man’s goodbye is another one’s hello. This month, my favorite things span two continents, thousands of miles apart,  but places I’ve called home, back to back. I pay tribute… to the discoveries I made in the last hours of our stay in the Netherlands and share some of the things I love about Nigeria. The Bankastraat […]

My Favourite Things – End of Summer Edition

by Kitchen Butterflyon August 5, 2011
Repurposing Kitchen Utensils I love multitasking….and I heart gadgets and utensils than fit that bill. A garlic press shines new light on mincing ginger, a pasta roller that doubles as a pizza base roller, creating consistently thin Italian-style pizza bases – so what if you end up with pizza lenghts as opposed to rounds? Deliciousness cannot be […]

My Favourite Things – ‘Dutch’ Special

by Kitchen Butterflyon July 9, 2011
Holland, my sweet Holland Soon I shall see you no more How is it that time so quickly goes by? And now I return To Nigeria, my beloved Homeland

My Favourite Things – Spotlight On Me!

by Kitchen Butterflyon June 5, 2011
This month, my favourite things revolve around special people. My special people. And people who make me feel special. People who cause you to see yourself as you ought to be….or aspire to be. So read on and enjoy…

My Favourite Things: Kickstarter & Coffee

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 4, 2011
Kickstarter A delightful project and an innovative way to fund & follow Creativity! So what exactly is it? Kickstarter is the largest funding platform for creative projects in the world. Every month, tens of thousands of amazing people pledge millions of dollars to projects from the worlds of music, film, art, technology, design, food, publishing […]