PuffPuff Made Easy

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 21, 2016
With an electric hand mixer. This tool has two whisks inserted into a hand held body. Here’s why I used mine: Number 1 – less elbow grease You know, that energy you expend in mixing the dough so you have the lightest, chewiest of dough balls. So, yes you don’t have to do the hand […]

Weekend Wonders: Whisks Allsorts

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 8, 2013
Or Whisk Away. I love whisks. Of every kind. I have a collection too. I love to collect. Ideas, thoughts, beautiful things. Functional things too. Things with form and beauty. I bookmark a thousand things a day. Write a thousand collections in my notebook. Make a million plans. I’m happy. My current collections are varied. […]

My Favourite Things – End of Summer Edition

by Kitchen Butterflyon August 5, 2011
Repurposing Kitchen Utensils I love multitasking….and I heart gadgets and utensils than fit that bill. A garlic press shines new light on mincing ginger, a pasta roller that doubles as a pizza base roller, creating consistently thin Italian-style pizza bases – so what if you end up with pizza lenghts as opposed to rounds? Deliciousness cannot be […]