Agbalumo Gin & Tonic

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 21, 2017
Well, y’all know my love for Agbalumo. And cucumbers…Which got me thinking once I’d made my Cucumber gin, that a G & T would be nice since I sometimes mix my Agbaulmo drinks with soda or tonic water to lighten them. A gin and tonic is a highball cocktail made with gin and tonic water […]

Homemade | Cucumber Gin

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 21, 2017
Ever so often, I have this romantic interlude with cucumbers. Sometimes it’s eating, other times in a glass. I want to say cucumbers are in season and I do. I see them in wheelbarrows around the city, sometimes watered from a ‘pure water’ satchet so they stay green-skinned and fresh. I love cucumbers (even as I […]

‘Drinking’ in East Africa

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 28, 2016
You’ll never hear the last of it – how taken I was, still am with East Africa. All of it. At least all the parts I’ve visited – Zanzibar, Dar es Salaam and Nairobi. Where I had some of the most amazing drinks in my life Freshly juiced passion fruit, Zanzibar Like freshly juiced passion fruit. […]

Cooking with Fruit: Plums

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 27, 2009
When life gives you a gift of plums in this age of ‘stone fruit’ (shall I say the season), what do you do?