Rosa Mexicano – Journey Through A Mexican Kitchen

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 11, 2015
My children’s reaction when lunch was served made me realise that what most of us know as Mexican cuisine is actually Tex-Mex. “Tex-Mex” (portmanteau of Texan and Mexican) is a term describing a cultural fusion cuisine of American cuisine and Mexican cuisine, deriving from the culinary creations of Tejanos. It has spread from border states […]

Dinner in Dubai: Point & Eat, Barracuda Seafood Restaurant

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 8, 2015
A few nights ago, Lara took me to Barracuda – a popular fish restaurant in Jumeirah 3, Dubai. It is owned by an Egyptian and is established on the concept of ‘selecting’ your own seafood. It reminds me very much of selecting catfish in some Nigerian restaurants, popularly known as Point & Kill. Except in this […]

Dining at the Niagara Falls Culinary Institute

by Kitchen Butterflyon July 26, 2013
All that’s left for us to do is to have breakfast at ‘La Patisserie’. I fully intend to make that happen this very morning. Or tomorrow, just before we do the return leg to our road trip. The Culinary institute, the first culinary institute I’ve come close to is on a historic street close to the […]

Lunch At Kalustyan’s

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 13, 2012
I am on the train to Grand Central, refreshed by winter’s air and shine. Heading to Kalustyan’s for Lunch. Its amazing how I’m loving the cold. When we moved away from The Netherlands, my husband and I agreed there would be no more winter holidays, no snow, no ice….no freezing cold. At least for the next […]

Ssam Bar, New York

by Kitchen Butterflyon June 27, 2012
How do you demonstrate a love for pork? Well, you dedicate a portion of your deep freezer to bacon and pork butts, if you are a home cook. And should you be a chef, a devotee to porcine land, you open a restaurant like David Chang or head a cabane à sucre like Montreal chef, […]

Eataly, New York

by Kitchen Butterflyon June 25, 2012
I make no bones about my love and admiration for Not only does it function as a wonderful community with great recipes, but the people behind the recipes are totally real people, not virtual/scary strangers! Once I made up my mind to spend some time in New York, I ‘dialled’ the hotline, Food52’s Q&A […]

The Ackee Tree Restaurant, Barbados

by Kitchen Butterflyon July 10, 2010
We journey to a place Bringing pieces of our heart with us And as we make our way through We discover yet another new place We wish to journey to. When we leave We take a piece of the land And plan our next journeys To a distant land So it was that I discovered […]

Paul Van Waarden restaurant, Oud-Rijswijk

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 27, 2010
Can you guess where I’ve been? Well, I haven’t gone to Barbados yet…….though I am seriously counting down! So, I haven’t been on holiday. I’ll give you some clues #1 – Twinkle, twinkle, little…… #2 – Very French, very fine dining connotations….and a ’round’ man #3 – My desire as a gourmand has been to […]