Nigerian Fruit Salad 2.0 | The New Nigerian Kitchen

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 14, 2016
Desserts & Presentation – two ways in which we should progress Nigerian cuisine :). This week, I will focus on Nigerian desserts. And yes, I dare say we have a class of them, if budding. Truth is, dessert for a long time was fruit salad (with milk), ice cream and cake. Enter The New Nigerian […]

J’s Yogurt & Granola Parfait

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 26, 2015
She made it up, inspired by ‘Sweet Kiwi‘. We got home from ‘shopping’ on Saturday and J, Daughter #1 made up a glass, showing off our recently acquired glassware. It turns out (via Google) that these glasses are actually parfait glasses. Who knew 🙂 Anyway, it’s a simple 3 ‘ingredient’ dessert or breakfast and in-between. […]

‘Nigerian’ Bread Pudding with Pawpaw Custard

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 23, 2014
This was the point of the lime marmalade…but it was TOO bitter. Even to feature, not less star in the dish. Thankfully, I had some great, store-bought orange marmalade which took its rightful place at the table. This is another recipe from Zina. This time though, she cooked. Baked it. For us.

Happy Mother’s Day with S’Mores Semifreddo

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 8, 2011
To all mothers and motherly figures: To those who have transitioned From rebellious teenager To responsible parent Without any training in between Ride on…..with greased elbows And joyous hearts For the smile of a child Wipes many tears away   Oz, 8th May, 2011 Happy Mother’s Day! May your offspring have a strong legacy, which […]

Chocolate glut. Chocolate dessert

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 20, 2010
I have a chocolate glut. Oh yes. Chocolate. Glut. If you didn’t know, I’ll tell you now – I have a huge chocolate plant in my back garden, right next to the trampoline (my non-DIY husband sweated to put together) and my not-so-barren veggie patch, teeming with mint and lemon melisse.

Matcharons and Midnight feasts

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 10, 2010
My most loved stories and books as a child were all written by Enid Blyton. My sisters could well say the same. We sought book after book after book from Famous Five to Secret Seven, culminating in the adventures at St Clare’s and Malory Towers. The one thing I loved the most and still remember […]

Feasting on Art Recipe Contest: Strawberry and Balsamic Sorbet in Lemon Shells

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 26, 2010
Hi everyone. A photo and recipes to follow but first…… …. I’m back. I missed you and KB but it was fantastic to enjoy sun, sand and the sea in Barbados without worrying about ‘late posts’ and comments….or lack off! And yes that’s me….on a surf board, riding on waves of azure waters!

‘Sparkling’ Jelly, White Chocolate and Caviar Celebration

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 13, 2010
I’m celebrating… Warm weather and spring Best friends and rings Holidays Birthdays Wedding days…. and every living day I’m celebrating health and wealth {and no, I haven’t won the lottery yet} Blogging buddies and 50,000+ hits 107 posts  and that’s not it I’m celebrating love and giving thanks With wine jelly, white chocolate and caviar […]

‘Cuban’ strawberries with Meringue Ice-cream

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 7, 2010
So, I want to clear up a few things before I get to the heart of the matter: I know strawberries are not in ‘season’ according to the traditional food calenders. I am also very aware that there is nothing Cuban about strawberries. Don’t believe me? Well, go ahead, type Cuban strawberries in Google and […]