Episode 1 on ‘The Spot’: Moi, Cooking on TV

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 5, 2015
My food dreams are not that many. Write a cookbook. Cook on TV. Open The Culinary Institute of Nigeria. And so on and so forth. Just a handful. I have to say that quite a few are coming true and I’m grateful for that. Back in February, I went to Calabar in the south of […]

Take Two: Catfish Ginger Curry from Songhai Farms

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 5, 2014
I post this, long overdue……from Sunderland, in the northeast of England where I’m putting my feet up, enjoying single-digit temperatures and reveling in the stunning views of the North sea. —–00000—– To say I brought back evidence of my trip to Songhai Farms would be right. Evidence in photos, and in food. I brought back […]

Fish balls in Thai Green Curry….before sushi

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 3, 2009
I’m over the moon. Truly over the moon. At lunchtime today, I’ll be on a sushi-making course !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!