Pumpkin Goatmeat Curry

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 5, 2015
A but of sweet, a bit of autumn and you have a beautiful stew. I’m a fan of low and slow-cook meats and this stew combines the peculiar, somewhat gamy flavour of goat meat with the warmth of pumpkin and vegetable. A riff on the Jamaican goat curry, you don’t really need a recipe. In […]

Episode 1 on ‘The Spot’: Moi, Cooking on TV

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 5, 2015
My food dreams are not that many. Write a cookbook. Cook on TV. Open The Culinary Institute of Nigeria. And so on and so forth. Just a handful. I have to say that quite a few are coming true and I’m grateful for that. Back in February, I went to Calabar in the south of […]

Nigerian Scent Leaf ‘Curry’ Sauce

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 19, 2015
Something special coming up this Friday, 20th February. Tune in to DSTv Channel 165 at 9pm! —–00000—– Today’s viewing is an amazing sauce…in the manner of Thai Green Curry but more awesome, even with only half the ingredients. Just put it like this – if you like Thai Green curry, you’ll LOVE this. And yes, I’m done […]

Take Two: Catfish Ginger Curry from Songhai Farms

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 5, 2014
I post this, long overdue……from Sunderland, in the northeast of England where I’m putting my feet up, enjoying single-digit temperatures and reveling in the stunning views of the North sea. —–00000—– To say I brought back evidence of my trip to Songhai Farms would be right. Evidence in photos, and in food. I brought back […]

Fish balls in Thai Green Curry….before sushi

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 3, 2009
I’m over the moon. Truly over the moon. At lunchtime today, I’ll be on a sushi-making course !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!