Nigerian Law on Copyright Infringement

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 22, 2015
This week, I’ve dealt with a number of infringements on my copyright.  I have observed a number of things, some surprising: People do speak up when they see an infringement There is unrealistic justification of the ‘theft’/ misuse’ of content by some (surprise, surprise) Copyright infringement is perpetuated by many people I’ve decided to delve into […]

Recipes: Intellectual Property & ‘Copyright’ Protection?

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 19, 2015
I didn’t understand the gravity of Intellectual Property till I started creating recipes. Till I walked down circuitous paths in my head and in market stalls, on paper, in speeches and in many other places. In 2009, I attended a Food Bloggers Conference where Jeanne of Cooksister shared with us the importance of valuing our copyrights. […]

The Birth of an Idea, of a Recipe

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 18, 2015
There isn’t a single one of my recipes that’s without a story. Not one that isn’t ‘birthed’. I can trace the outlines, map the turns and corners, the junctions en route to bringing pumpkin to stew, scent leaves to curry. I can tell you the triggers, the memories, the hopes, dreams, plans. Take my Pumpkin […]

FBC, Part 1: Thank you LORD, I’m not a freak!

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 1, 2009
And neither was the group I spent the weekend with. If you saw us having the ball we did, you’d be thankful too! 32 hours in London. 8 locations. Everywhere from Abbey road to Marylebone farmers market, the food hall at Selfridges, Waterstones, Sherlock Holmes museum, La Fromagerie, the Natural Kitchen and even Boots! But truly, […]