How to Build a Crepe Cake

by Kitchen Butterflyon July 17, 2015
Eid Mubarak, with my first-ever Crepe cake, perfect for crowd-feasting. Talk about resounding successes. Twenty (20) (in my case imperfect but delicious) layers of crepes with alternate layers of rich chocolate mousse and a salted caramel one, finished with a semi-sweet ganache and crushed candied pecans. What a mouthful. A delicious mouthful. Also known as […]

Food Photo Love: Chocolate Fondant

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 12, 2015
A photo I love with a short story and a recipe. There’s something about photographing food that melts my heart. Invisible things become seen. How tightly we hold on to some things – slippery by nature. How delicately we hold on to others, careful not to break the golden egg and have its contents spewed over […]

Mango & Lime-topped Chocolate Cake

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 16, 2015
All I have of this cake are memories. Memories of the awesomeness this cake was last Easter.  We’d been in Lagos for a long weekend and had spent time at Eko Hotel. One morning at breakfast, my daughter showed me this.  Gorgeous, right? We thought so too. It wasn’t long before we were home and […]

Chocolate Dump-it All Cake a la Hesser

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 17, 2012
Normal. Is not a word I’d use to describe me. Myself. Is that bad English? I am intrigued by butter. Sticks of butter. The allure of reading American recipes that call for a ‘stick of butter’ hasn’t worn off……and I can count January the 8th as one of my best days in the history of […]

Churros and Chocolate

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 28, 2010
Globalisation. My seven year old daughter knows all about it and we had to go to Barcelona for her to let us know. This is the same daughter who asked, ‘Papa, why is everything made in China?’ And yes, he responded. Right or wrong. As a parent, I’ve learnt the hard way, not to promise […]

Chocolate glut. Chocolate dessert

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 20, 2010
I have a chocolate glut. Oh yes. Chocolate. Glut. If you didn’t know, I’ll tell you now – I have a huge chocolate plant in my back garden, right next to the trampoline (my non-DIY husband sweated to put together) and my not-so-barren veggie patch, teeming with mint and lemon melisse.

Mini Banoffee Pies with Cadbury’s Mini Caramel Eggs

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 1, 2010
Did I mention they were Upside down! The pies? Lovingly made from delicious mini chocolate caramel eggs, from Gatwick airport. Purchased on our way to Barbados and hidden till our return, even though I know the kids may not have liked them but better safe than sorry!

Mexican Chocolate Macarons and Hot Choccie

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 13, 2010
I’d given up completely….. …on ever making macarons. Certainly not this weekend. The damn things. Its not as if I love them anyway.

Chocolate Valentines….and the meaning of Love!

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 16, 2010
Love is patient, Love is kind. (I love 1 Corinthians 13.) Love is never late ….it is always on time.