Scent Leaf Chili Sauce

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 9, 2015
Yes, Scent leaf to the rescue. Rustle up a quick chili sauce with kitchen staples. I love discovering chili and herb sauces and this Ecuadorian sauce, Aji Criollo is no exception. Serve with plantain chips, pies, rice, basically every and anything. Thank me later. [yumprint-recipe id=’27’]Enjoy.[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Scent Leaf Chili Sauce – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]

Ancho Strawberry Preserve, for Week 4

by Kitchen Butterflyon July 18, 2010
True confession, and I think we better get it said and out of the way. I would hate for you to hear it from someone else, after all this time we’ve spent together. So,….

Chocolate glut. Chocolate dessert

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 20, 2010
I have a chocolate glut. Oh yes. Chocolate. Glut. If you didn’t know, I’ll tell you now – I have a huge chocolate plant in my back garden, right next to the trampoline (my non-DIY husband sweated to put together) and my not-so-barren veggie patch, teeming with mint and lemon melisse.

Chocolate Chilli Truffles

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 21, 2009
Saturday morning

Saag chicken stew

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 18, 2009
Dinner in a hurry. No time to stop and think. All that sat in my head was coconut rice with something hot, something with chilies.