Croquembouche for Christmas Brunch

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 26, 2013
He is adamant about not wanting to have any buns, the first time we try them. We don’t get why. Oh well, he can be weird sometimes, our D. We sit at the table, bound by brunch. Feasting.

Twelve (12) Dishes For a (New Year’s Day) Brunch

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 2, 2013
…And a few more. Happy New Year (English). Gelukkig Nieuw Jaar (Dutch). Bonne année (French). Have a wonderful ones dear friends. I hope 2013 brings us closer, forges new relationships and sees us fulfilled. I’m drawing up my resolutions, which must include partying. As in hosting more parties, and get-togethers with families and friends. And so […]

Christmas Brunch or Brekkie: Oven-baked Scotch Eggs & Tea-smoked Fish

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 14, 2009
I am a collector of recipes….some of which, I literally wait years to make, and other which become regulars and firm faves. Take this no-fry Scotch eggs, for a start – 5 years since I first saw the recipe and this year,….I finally made it. My tea-smoked fish on the other hand has featured twice […]