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Top Ten (10) Pancake Recipes

We’re a pancake loving family. We don’t go a week without them. Sometimes, a day. This Shrove Tuesday, I’m sharing some of our favourites: Fact: Did you know the Dutch NEVER eat pancake for breakfast?* *rolling my eyes, shaking my head*. However not? Well, that’s them. And lovers of The Netherlands or not, we have […]

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Lemon & Lemon Bars

Do you sense it as well? This grasping at straws. The Meyers are leaving me be. And I sit here, moaning the end of a season, a friendship….a love affair even, …..with Meyers, my Meyers. The strawberries are no better. They’ve turned an insipid colour that I won’t dignify by calling red. For these bear […]


The Anatomy of a Meyer Lemon

I have a list fetish. I feed it in my ever-present notebook. Shopping lists, reading lists, lists of places to see, people to write to and on and on. When you combine both, you end up with a bucket list. Not for everything but for ‘big’ occasions. Like I had for my first New York trip. At the […]