Ramadan Recipes

by Kitchen Butterflyon June 13, 2016
Ramadan Kareem to my Muslim friends. I’d like to share some ideas for Iftar and Suhoor – I hope they provide some inspiration this Ramadan. Your guide to eating during Ramadan Foods to break your fast Iftar Suhoor and more Desserts Sweeteners & Drinks Enjoy xxx

Seven (7) Desserts for Ramadan

by Kitchen Butterflyon June 21, 2015
Posset, Panna Cotta, Verrine, Kunnu Aya Pudding, Fruit Salad, and on and on and on. If you have a sweet tooth and desire quick and light desserts during Ramadan, here are a few ideas. They all involve some milk/ cream, fruit and citrus.  Orange Panna Cotta Citrus, cream, heaven. And yes, with directions for using […]

Coming Soon: Your Guide to Eating During Ramadan

by Kitchen Butterflyon June 15, 2015
I’ve ‘enjoyed’ the fruits of Ramadan for most of my life, from ‘Sallah‘ meat – the copious amounts of grilled and barbecued ram and beef that accompany the feast at the end of the thirty days and the national holidays, Eid al-Fitr. It’s only in the last couple of years though that I’ve understood what happens to […]

Spice: More about Nutmeg

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 18, 2017
I’ve written about Nutmeg before, about discovering it shelled, walled in Dubai. And still there’s more. And Zanzibar served it up, on a Spice Farm tour. Here, I saw the entire nutmeg fruit – nut, shell, mace and all. Our tour guide, Ramadan shared the fruit and more with us. That nutmeg comes ‘as a fruit’ […]

Spiced: Vanilla

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 6, 2017
Did you know that vanilla pods start out (plump and) green? Or does that come as a surprise to you? Like it did me. Walking around the Tata farm in Zanzibar, I was stunned to see a cluster of pods, green. To be honest, I hadn’t ever even thought of what vanilla was beyond orchids […]

New Nigerian Christmas Jollof: 3 Ideas/ Choose Your Version

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 15, 2016
So, Christmas and Jollof are red on Jollof rice, like actually. I mean, there’s no Nigerian Christmas without Jollof, party or not. But…it doesn’t have to be all about rice. You can go down the Acha/Fonio or Pasta route. If you go for rice, you could do brown too. You might want to try Bulgur – […]

Malt-braised Beef Short Ribs

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 29, 2016
Wikipedia says ‘Short ribs are a cut of beef taken from the brisket, chuck, plate, or rib areas of beef cattle. They consist of a short portion of the rib bone, which is overlain by meat which varies in thickness.’ For the longest of times, I’ve been planning a cook with Malt – since 2011. […]

On Turning 55 & 55 Things To Celebrate About Nigerian Cuisine

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 29, 2015
In honour of our 55th year as an independent nation (for all intents and purposes) on the first of October, here are 55 things you should know about Nigerian cuisine, 55 things I’m celebrating. What is it like? How to describe it? An interesting melange that’s vibrant and  flavourful with rich stews, sauces, fresh fruits and vegetables […]

Foods to Break Your Fast

by Kitchen Butterflyon June 23, 2015
After a long period of not eating, it is best to break your fast with light and healthy foods that get your energy levels up. One suggestion is to have a small plate of fruits or food, go to prayer and then have a more nutritious Iftar meal. Here are 10 things you can eat to keep […]