How to Grow Meyer Lemons from Seed

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 12, 2013
I think of how I first came to Meyer Lemons and it was the memory of a recipe I read. A recipe with 6 ingredients (including a tart shell) and only 3 steps to make. It is called ‘Lazy Mary’s Lemon Tart’. It took me 15 months to get my hands on Meyers but I […]

Guest Post on Meyer Lemons: The Joys and Sorrows

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 31, 2013
I’d like to welcome my dear friend Velva, of Tomatoes on the Vine who took me up on my challenge of writing about the joys and challenges of having tons of Meyer Lemons in my post on Wara, Nigerian cheese curds. Velva shares her passion for food, gardening and travel on her blog with delicious and food […]

34 Meyer Lemons Sitting in a Box

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 18, 2013
There were 34 Meyer lemons sitting in two boxes There were 34 Meyer lemons sitting in two boxes And then 4 lemons went to the friend down the road then there were 30 Meyer lemons sitting in two boxes Then 2 went in a pie

Guest Post on Meyers: Living with Lemons

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 18, 2013
I’d like to welcome my dear friend Deepa of Paticheri who is a dedicated follower of Meyers, like some people I know! Deepa has done so much to bring my love of Meyers to life, showing me how to grow Meyers from seed and providing the sprouted seeds for my planting. In addition, I absolutely adore her […]

Grilled Burrata – Meyer Lemon Flatbread

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 8, 2015
Who would have thought I had so many Meyer lemons in my possession and was this quiet.  Remember when?  Remember when I talked non-stop about Meyer lemons for weeks and months, totally smitten. Well, there, goes to show. From New York and Wholefoods I brought back a dozen lemons. For the last month, they’ve turned […]

The Last Word on Meyers: 35 things to do with the Famed Fruit

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 25, 2013
Consider this the sequel to the LA Times’s Lemon List ‘100 things to do with a Meyer Lemon’, essential reading for Meyer Lemon buffs. Like me. Indeed one can find a multitude of ways to worship the Meyer. Below are 34 35 of my absolute favourite ways. Live with Meyer Lemons, in your fridge. Deep freezer. […]

Chunky Meyer Lemon Caramel Sauce

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 16, 2013
We all are replicas of other people, living in some other place. With similar thoughts. And wonders….and even actions. Take Janet and I – twins in our desire for Meyer Lemon Caramel. One afternoon, I sat at my office desk. I’m not sure what prompted me, but thoughts of golden, citrus-flavoured caramel were swirling around in […]

Meyer Lemon Russian Rose Loaf

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 8, 2013
Or Meyer Lemon Cinnamon roll, inside-out. Because that’s essentially what it is, a cinnamon roll that wears its fragrant sugar crystals on it sleeve, and chest. Not hidden, not tucked into a pinwheel to be seen in hints, but no, a roll that is bold. Courageous, one that sends cinnamon well before it, not just […]

Meyer Lemon & Rosemary Focaccia

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 5, 2013
The early morning walk up the canyon is done slowly. The path looks deceptively gentle, but as we climb, knees bent, hands free and backs laden with rucksacks, the ground before us rises steeply…. This is Utah. The hills of Utah. I’m out seeing Geology but taking in scents. Scents of the valleys, scents of […]