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Nigerian Cuisine

In Season: Bambara Groundnuts

It is the season of Bambara groundnuts which make world-famous, Okpa. People are ringing relatives in Enugu (where the best ones are made) to send some down west, south, north and all across Nigeria. I’m sure there have also been international requests fulfilled too. I’d never had it before – only heard from friends and […]

Nigerian Cuisine

In Season: Iyeye, Hog Plum

So, a number of friends have told me about Iyeye, a particular orange fruit. Some have mistaken kumquats for it at first glance, similar as they are in colour, shape and size.  One day at work, I had kumquats on my desk and T, my colleague came by. She tried one and was surprised it wasn’t […]

Nigerian Cuisine

In Season: March

Fresh Cashews, pitanga cherries, mulberries, carrots, agbalumo, mangoes…these are a few things in seasons Cashews/ Cashew Apple Woo hoo, sooooooooooo happy to get my hands on some. Which I plan to juice, bake and do a host of other things. We shall see Mulberries At least in the North of Nigeria, they’re in season. I […]