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Agbalumo Gin & Tonic

Well, y’all know my love for Agbalumo. And cucumbers…Which got me thinking once I’d made my Cucumber gin, that a G & T would be nice since I sometimes mix my Agbaulmo drinks with soda or tonic water to lighten them. A gin and tonic is a highball cocktail made with gin and tonic water […]

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Homemade | Cucumber Gin

Ever so often, I have this romantic interlude with cucumbers. Sometimes it’s eating, other times in a glass. I want to say cucumbers are in season and I do. I see them in wheelbarrows around the city, sometimes watered from a ‘pure water’ satchet so they stay green-skinned and fresh. I love cucumbers (even as I […]

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Nigerian Small Chops: Baked Garri-crusted Garden Eggs

I am fascinated by how ideas come, how they’re created – so many elements, some seemingly random, yet they come together to test concepts, fuse thoughts and generally do something ‘new’. Like with garden eggs. I think I like the whole exploration, the journey, the process of building, of constructing, of putting together. I like […]


On Food: Ten (10) Things I Ate, Loved, Learnt, Did and Made in 2013

Can you really put it down to #tenthings? Well? If push came to…this is what my #toptenfor2013 is! This year, I travelled aplenty. My plate and by air. Morocco. By plate. Edinburgh. Holland. Welwyn Garden City. Manhattan. Rye. Niagara Falls. Brighton. London. Geneva. Lagos. And these journeys, these explorations brought me face to face, and sometimes to […]