Gluten-free Masa Sliders

Ramadan Mubarak! These masa sliders are perfect for Iftar or Suhoor and don’t require much to deliver punch.

Essentially, we have masa, various meats, a variety of vegetables and a whole condiment spread. Here are some ideas for twists and turns:


Make regular masa. You can add freshly grated coconut to the batter for a taste and texture experience. I’ve also flavoured the batter with spices like saffron and turmeric, added seeds like sesame and nigella. There is an endless range of possibilities and masa is a good canvas for them all.

For the ‘slider buns’, which are gluten-free, I wanted a bit of a toasted flavour so I grilled them – the lift was slight though but I liked the idea, if nothing else.





I used a variety of things:

  • Dambun kazaa which was store bought. You can make your own if you like
  • Pulled beef – I had some braised beef leftovers and shredded it for the sliders
  • Stir-fried chicken – I cut up some chicken breasts and seasoned lightly with yaji and voila, ready

There are so many other options too from suya to balangu to denderu.



I went for ‘burger’ like condiments, keeping with the theme. There was lettuce, sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, chopped bell peppers and sliced fresh onions.

I also had pickled onions.


Condiments are some of my favourite things. They bring colour and flavour dimension to foods and can take them from okay to excellent. In my arsenal, I have


The Combinations?

  • Pulled beef, tamarind #mazarkwaila sauce, pickled onions
  • Dambun kaaza, peanut butter sauce, pawpaw chutney, salsa and cilantro
  • Chicken, yaji, cilantro and zobo pepper sauce

Dambun kaaza, peanut butter sauce, pawpaw chutney, salsa and cilantro


How to Assemble

  • Begin with the sauce – spread on either or both ‘buns’
  • Add your larger vegetables – lettuce, tomato slices
  • Meat next
  • salsa on top, spice mix, herbs and top with a bun
  • Or go in whatever order you like!






Enjoy! Let me know what your favourite combinations are and what you would add :).