Snail Dodo

I’m a huge fan of textures in food – cow leg and it’s combination of crunch, jellied and meaty; snails and their rubbery crunch; tripe and its chewy, rubbery sensations – all thrill me when done right.

This Snail dodo is heaven on a plate – peppered snails, chopped and combined in a saute with fried, diced plantains. Really this is an extension of gizdodo where gizzards are the main protein and are combined with fried plantains.

The components are:
Peppered snails

So, to begin: make your sauce


Add your par-boiled snails, chopped up in small bits for ease of eating


Cook on low heat for the flavours to meld


Look at this fine specimen!!!!


Choose your plantains carefully – some like really ripe, others like just-ripe. Then dice and fry.


Next steps, chop up extra onions and green peppers and add to the snail sauce


Then add the fried plantains


Gently stir and let simmer for a minute or two


Voila – it is klaar. Ready. Finished. 

I loveeeeeeeeeee it with plain, lightly salted white rice.


Talk about crunch, and heat and spice, and texture and the creamy blanket of the rice. Plus it’s easy to make, you can use leftover peppered snails, you can use yams instead of plantains :), or potatoes. Really, the world is your oyster, or snail. Eat away.


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