Guest Post: Dodo – Love, Outside the Box

Mercy just loves dodo – any which way. I like to think of her as an equal opportunity dodo lover. Thank you Mercy, for your contribution.

They say love doesn’t come in a box, I totally agree – it comes on a plate, full of yellowish-brown dodo.


Every time I see a bunch of plantain ripening, I do a happy dance; when it is made into dodo, I get butterflies. That right there is true love *laughs*


Now on to my perfect dodo. I prefer my dodo ripe but not too ripe, that way it is a bit crunchy and chewy and I get to chew for a while and savour all the sweetness before I finally swallow. I personally believe that dodo is already perfect, so it really doesn’t matter to me if it is salted or not, as long as I am getting dodo. Lol.

Also because my amazing dodo already comes perfect, I will take dodo in any shape or cut…

Also because my amazing dodo already comes perfect, I will take dodo in any shape or cut but I particularly like them cut into this cute love, star shapes and also diced into cubes.


I will choose diced dodo  any day though.


I could eat dodo with anything, I could eat it alone, but my favourite way to eat dodo is with beans. This is where diced dodo comes in its all glory as just throwing a handful into your plate of beans gives you one of the best meals ever. Try it, guys.


My favourite memory of eating dodo would be as a child, when I danced every time we made dodo and struggled to get the biggest share. I am the last child but I always wanted the biggest share and somehow I got it. *throws in a dance*

To every dodo lover, my only advice is; ensure you use a moderate heat when frying. That way, you get the colour you prefer and it is cooked inside as well. Never stop eating dodo, sending you all tons of dodo love 💜

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