Aplatanado, Aplatanada – On Acceptance, By Plantain

There are interesting concepts in places and languages that express cultural acceptance, that touch on home and identity. 

Like aplatanado (male), aplatanada (female).

In Cuba and The Dominican Republic, there’s a term that describes someone who has become ‘one of us’ – aplatanado or aplatanada. At the root of it is the word, platanos, of plantains. 

Plantains are a ubiquitous part of both cultures – widely consumed, beloved and respected. They are staples! From Cuban sopa de platanos, a plantain soup to the Dominican Mangú , of mashed green plantains, there are numerous dishes, explorations with this fruit of the family musa paradisiaca. 

Conner Gorry, US born and transplanted to Havana writes about living in Cuba on her Here is Havana blog:

For me, expat is a loaded, outmoded term. It suggests abandoning or forsaking one land for another and minimizes where one chooses to live, placing, instead, the emphasis on where one chooses not to. I much prefer the Cuban concept of aplatanada – literally, planted – applied to long-term, full-time foreign residents who get this place; Source – WSJ

So, yes, plantain is amazing in how useful it is, from soothing bellies to welcoming ‘home’.

Do you know any other plantain words?

What are your favourite food words?


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